House DFL outpaces previous fundraising

Jun 15 2018

St. Paul, Minnesota — The House DFL Caucus announced strong fundraising numbers today that are substantially higher than 2016. For the January 1-May 31 reporting period, the caucus outraised its 2016 totals by 77 percent — $301,717.18. This year, the caucus raised $691,824.27, up from $390,107.09 during the same 5-month period in 2016.

The House DFL Caucus also has more cash on hand — $725,000 compared to $527,000 in 2016. Un-itemized (small dollar) contributions are also up to $57,000 this year compared to $32,000 in 2016. Overall House DFL fundraising for the cycle is up $133,272.37 over 2016.

In addition, the House DFL Caucus has recruited a candidate in every district for the first time in recent memory.

“We have strong momentum to win a DFL majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives,” said House DFL Leader Melissa Hortman. “Minnesotans are tired of a Republican majority that at every turn puts corporations, the wealthy, and themselves ahead of regular people. House DFLers are ready to build a Minnesota that works better for all of us, not just those already at the top.”

There is strong evidence of Democratic momentum across the country. Democrats have flipped 44 state legislative seats from red to blue since President Trump’s inauguration, including a recent flip in a Senate District in Wisconsin that President Trump won by 17 points.